About Us

YSY Limited was incorporated on 14th of March, 1985 as a wholesale and retail trading company. It has grown into a Conglomerate comprising of Nigerian Business Owners, American Automobile Industry Participants, and Seasoned Security Outfits.

As a Licensed Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Operator, approved by the CBN, YSY Limited provide strategic planning and tactical services to clients in need of security, recovery, safe delivery of goods and installation of sensitive equipment.

This is accomplished through:

  • Leveraging on Strategic Partnership.
  • Resilient and the use of Reinforced first class Armour Vehicles (Bullion).
  • Quantitative Framework Application.

YSY Limited operates a fleet of fully armoured vehicles equipped with electro-mechanical interlocking and immobilizing systems all of which are tracked and monitored.

Your Assets are securely monitored every step of the way.

At YSY Limited, we value your time, we take professional and calculated risks seriously and we undertake a professional and efficient service, so that our customers can have peace of mind and dedicate more time to their core businesses.